Nurse Practitioner Program Rankings

Going to a top school in your field can help you get a job when you graduate. Even in a field like nursing, where there’s no shortage of jobs to be found, attending a school with a top nursing program can be beneficial, as this will allow you to earn a higher salary and take advantage of alumni resources. If you’re interested in becoming a nurse practitioner, here are some of the top programs you should consider:

The University of Washington

One of the best schools for nurse practitioners is the University of Washington. According to U.S. News and World Report, one of the premier publications for ranking colleges, the nursing program at the University of Washington has ranked as a top school for the past several years, so it’s a great option! Some of the classes you’ll take as part of this program include comprehensive care, professional role development, communication, behavior change, autonomy, and advocacy.

The University of California at San Francisco

Most recently, the University of California at San Francisco was ranked as the top school for family nurse practitioners by U.S. News and World Report. This school also ranked as a top school in other health-related fields, and along with a great program while you’re in school, they also offer a great alumni network, so it’s easy to find a job once you graduate.

The University of Pennsylvania

Founded in founded in 1973, the nursing program at this Philadelphia school is consistently considered one of the top nurse practitioner programs in the country. This school offers both full time and part time options, which makes it a great program for continuing education students. As one of the oldest nurse practitioner master’s degree programs in the country, you have experience on your side at this school, and their status as an Ivy League school also gives you tons of educational and alumni benfits

Choosing a School

Remember, the top program as ranked by others isn’t necessarily the top program for you. Many schools out there have great nurse practitioner programs and there are even semi-online programs you can consider. Make a list of the characteristics in a program that are most important to you and visit as many schools as possible to find a great fit for your educational needs.

Top Online Nurse Practitioner (NP) Degrees

Kaplan University
MSN: Administration
MSN: Education

Kaplan University -- The Kaplan University Master of Science in Nursing program teaches a curriculum that examines the dynamic healthcare nursing environment. Courses include Advanced Nursing Roles, Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse Community.

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Bradley University
RN to MSN: Nursing Admin
BSN to MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner
MSN to DNP: Nurse Leadership

Bradley University -- With two prominent educational tracks for nurses including RN to MSN and MSN to DNP in nurse leadership degree, Bradley University puts nurses in position to succeed. An RN to MSN degree will allow nurses to further hone their nursing skills at a graduate level. MSN: health management degree focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as leaders within health care organizations.

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University of Cincinnati
MSN: Clinical Nursing
MSN: Family Nursing
MSN: Nurse Midwifery
MSN: Women's Health
More MSN Degrees...

University of Cincinnati -- The MSN Programs at the University of Cincinnati's College of Nursing teach perspectives from nursing sciences and holistic care to enhance the quality of health care its students can provide. Several MSN degrees are offered, including MSN - family nursing, MSN - adult nursing, MSN - nurse midwifery, MSN - nurse administration, MSN - women's health nursing.

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Simmons College
RN to MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner
MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner

Simmons College -- The MSN in Family Nurse practice and the RN to MSN degree options from Simmons College feature a curriculum that provides the very best in nursing education. These degrees prepare graduates for success in the education and management nursing fields.

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Grand Canyon University
MSN: Education
MSN: Leadership
MSN/MBA: Leadership

Grand Canyon University -- At Grand Canyon University, the MSN - Nurse Education, MSN - Nurse Leadership, and MSN/MBA - Leadership degree programs provide advanced instruction in the education and leadership fields. Often times today, nurses are ill-equipped to enter educational and management positions. Don't get left behind--explore these programs.

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Walden University
Doctor of Nursing Practice
RN to MSN: Adult Gerontology NP
RN to MSN: Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP

Walden University -- The DNP, MSN - Adult Gerontology Nursing Practice, MSN - Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nursing Practice, and MSN - leadership at Walden University all have unique attributes that makes them a great fit for the individual nurse. The Informatics program combines nursing with computer science to help nurses use technology effectively to improve patient care, the Education track incorporates teaching skills to the advanced nursing program, and the Leadership program prepares nurses for advanced careers and entry into management level positions.

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Georgetown University

Georgetown University -- Two-year online programs offered through the School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown University's MS in nursing curriculum for family nurse practitioners and women's health practitioners prepares graduates to properly integrate "advanced nursing knowledge, ethical principles and clinical excellence" in their area of specialization. The school and its programs follow the Jesuit values and ideals set forth through the university's mission.

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