50 Up and Coming Wellness Blogs Worth Reading

One of the things that distinguishes many nurse practitioners is an emphasis on wellness. While wellness includes physical health, many nurse practitioners recognize that it can also include mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Additionally, wellness is something that can be approached holistically, on a number of levels that address the health of the entire person.

Whether you are a nurse practitioner or not, it can be a good idea to get ideas and information from a variety of sources. The Internet offers you the chance to find what you need for wellness. There are plenty of established blogs about wellness online, and sometimes the newcomers get short shrift. If you are looking for more on wellness, here are 50 blogs, all of started no later than mid-2009, about topics related to living a better life:


Physical activity is quite important to your overall wellness. Here are some great new blogs about getting — and staying — in shape.

  1. New Dawn Fitness Blog: Find out more about getting into shape, and follow the efforts a husband and wife personal training team.
  2. Project Fit Mom: A great blog offering all things physical wellness.
  3. Her Fitness Blog: Ideas, encouragement and more regarding physical fitness.
  4. She’s A Fit Chick: Great place to go when you are looking for fitness information, and helpful ideas.
  5. From Fit to Ripped?!: Join the journey to fitness. Follow this training regimen, and get inspired.
  6. Exercists: This up and coming blog from the Baltimore Sun offers great insights from different reporters and folks in the Baltimore area. But it’s great advice no matter your local.
  7. SUP Trainer: Learn about stand up paddle as a way to get fit. An interesting fitness blog about a fun activity.
  8. Spanimax Health Blog: Learn more about fitness and other areas of health.


Learn more about proper nutrition from these relatively new food blogs. Recipes, cooking tips and information about choosing healthy foods.

  1. Naked Food Cooking: Learn more about cooking — and how to cook “real” food.
  2. Nicole’s Nutrition: This nutritionist offers you great ideas, and reviews different foods.
  3. Mohr Results: These nutritionists help you figure out what you can eat to improve your wellness.
  4. Food, Facts, and Fads: Get the real story on different foods, as well as learn about which dietary plans — and which are just passing fads.
  5. Dietitians Online Blog: These dietitians offer you insight into what is health. Find reliable information on nutrition.
  6. The Healthy Junky: Tasty recipes that are healthy, too. Get good nutrition for proper wellness.
  7. Weekly Bite: Great insights on cooking healthy foods for the whole family.
  8. Nutrition Blog Network: This relatively new blog network collects plenty of interesting blog posts from new and old bloggers alike.

Green and Organic Living

Some believe that improved wellness can be achieved through living more in tune with the earth. These organic living blogs, including some on sustainable and green living (even if it isn’t organic), can help you find wellness in living in a way that is more earth-friendly.

  1. Art of Natural Living: Find out more about natural living, and get some great ideas.
  2. Earth Angel Mumma: Increase your wellness with help from this natural living blog.
  3. Organic Yoga Mama: Great insights on organic living and creating harmony and wellness in your life.
  4. Living the Organic Life: Helpful hints related to natural living, wellness, and being earth-friendly.
  5. Organic Soul: Tips on wellness through organic living.
  6. Sustainable Life Blog: Learn about living better, frugality and more.
  7. Lakeisha Ford: Find out more about organic and green products.

Holistic Health and Wellness

These up and coming blogs focus on holistic health and healing. You can also find plenty of alternative and complementary medicine, and herbal medicine, ideas from these blogs.

  1. Holistic Wellness: A look at being well on a holistic level.
  2. Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Blog: Energy healing, and insights on holistic wellness.
  3. Holistic Health Blog: Learn more about holistic healing and natural methods.
  4. Reiki Help Blog: Information on Reiki healing and holistic wellness.
  5. Health Nutrition & Wellness: Find out more about homeopathy and Ayurveda.
  6. Integrative Medicine Blog: Learn more about complementary medicine.
  7. New York Chiropractor Blog: A blog about how you can increase your wellness with the help for chiro.
  8. Sherwood Chiropractic Center: Various aspects of health and wellness.
  9. Phil the Homeopath’s Blog: Find out more about homeopathy, wellness and natural solutions to problems.

Mental Health

Learn more about psychology and mental health, and keeping your mind health and active. Includes great blogs about memory and improving your mental power as well as mental health.

  1. HealthyPlace Mental Health Blogs: Insights into mental wellness.
  2. Depression Q&A: Tips and more related to mental health.
  3. Mental Health: Families.com offers a helpful mental health blog that is fairly new.
  4. Mental Wellness Coaching: Learn more about staying mentally well.
  5. North Star Mental Fitness Blog: Find out how to keep your mind in good shape.
  6. Brain Fitness Blog: Learn more about keeping your brain well.

Emotional Wellness and Healthy Relationships

If you are looking for help in the area of emotional wellness, these up and coming blogs can help. They focus on emotional well being, as well as helping you develop healthy relationships that contribute to your wellness.

  1. Aging Parents Support Blog: Wellness for caregivers who need some support.
  2. Transgender Mental Health: An interesting look at relationships and wellness for those who are transgendered.
  3. Emotional Wellbeing: Learn how to become an emotionally balanced person.
  4. Relationship Advice for Men and Women: Learn what you need to about good relationships.
  5. Life Ain’t for Sissies: Emotional health blog, full of interesting ideas and smart commentary.

Spiritual Wellness

Explore different spiritual traditions, and learn how your spiritual well being can affect your overall wellness. If you are interested in matters of the spirit, these blogs — which aren’t just about religion — can be of help.

  1. On a Mission from the Goddess: Explore the spiritual nature of the goddess, and find your own purpose.
  2. Blended Yoga: Find peace in your life, and learn more about yourself.
  3. Aligned and Thriving: Information on finding yourself and your spirituality.
  4. Just a Thought: Some Christian spirituality and thoughts.
  5. Hidden Treasures of the Soul: A blog written by a monk.
  6. Chris Cade: A great blog about spirituality and wellness.
  7. Soul in Motion: Explore spiritual wellness.
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