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Nurse Practitioners vs. Doctors: How Does Your Treatment Differ?

Over the past decade, a surge of nurse practitioners has invaded the health scene as hospitals, medical centers, and clinics struggle to keep up with mounting patient caseloads. While patients seem confused at first about being treated by a nurse, the word has spread quickly about the differences between nurse practitioners (NPs) and doctors — mainly about the differences in health care style. But, there are other differences, too, such as the level of education, the salaries, and the perceptions about health care in general that have pervaded current trends in health care. Overall responsibilities of nurse practitioners will only increase as the population ages, and as more people are treated for their illnesses outside hospital environments. With a decrease in general practitioners, the NP may take that place, especially with the introduction of doctoral degrees in the NP program.

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20 Excellent YouTube Videos to Learn About the Nurse Practitioner Career

The Nurse Practitioner career is a growing one. Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have gone on to obtain an advanced degree in nursing, in addition to performing clinical work. This advanced education allows them to act more as a practitioner, ordering tests and writing prescriptions for their patients.

In more and more states, nurse practitioners are being allowed to practice as primary healthcare providers, performing many of the duties once performed only by doctors. This is due to the shortage of primary healthcare providers and the increasing demand for healthcare that we see today and expect to continue. In many states, nurse practitioners can already go into private practice.

If you’re interested in the nurse practitioner field, these 20 videos from YouTube will help you learn more about it.

  1. Nurse Practitioner California: Learn how California is aiming to use nurse practitioners to meet the growing demands for access to primary care.
  2. Nurse Practitioner Guided Care: Discusses how states are looking at going to NP’s for primary care due to the shortage of healthcare providers and the increased demand for healthcare.
  3. Nurse Practitioner: Open your Own Practice: Learn how to open your own practice as a nurse practitioner.
  4. Nurse Practitioner: Learn the ins and outs of becoming a nurse practitioner and how they differ from traditional nurses.
  5. Nurse Practitioner Career: Understand the nurse practitioner career including educational requirements and salary ranges.
  6. Nurse Practitioners Take on More Responsibility: News coverage about nurse practitioners taking on more responsibilities like doctors.
  7. How to Get Medical Jobs:Nurse Practitioner: Learn more about the nurse practitioner career.
  8. Become a Nurse Practitioner: Information about schools for nursing programs, including programs for being a nurse practitioner.
  9. Nurse Practitioners Building Medical Homes: This video from the Duke School of Nursing talks about how the nurse practitioner medical homes program works.
  10. Nurse Practitioner News of Health: News information about what nurse practitioners do.
  11. Celebrating Nurse Practitioners: This video celebrates the work of nurse practitioners in their many different roles.
  12. Nurse Practitioners in Emergency Medicine: Australia’s Nurse TV discusses nurse practitioners working in Emergency Roomms, one of the specialty nurse practitioner fields.
  13. Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants: Sleep Medicine: A look at the role of NPs and PAs in sleep medicine, one of the specialty nurse practitioner fields.
  14. Nurse Practitioner In Thoracic Oncology: Learn about nurse practitioners working in oncology, one of the specialty nurse practitioner fields.
  15. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Learn about Pediatric Nurse practitioners, one of the specialty nurse practitioner fields. Nurse practitioners are commonly used in pediatric offices, to help with well care checkups and other primary care visits.
  16. How Does a Nurse Practitioner Take Care of Patients: Learn more about how nurse practitioners work with doctors in a chemotherapy situation. one of the specialty nurse practitioner fields.
  17. New Nurse Practitioner Clinics Open: See how nurse practitioners as health care providers are growing in Canada.
  18. Holistic Nurse Practitioner: Learn about holistic natural health with a nurse practitioner.
  19. Adult Nurse Practitioner: Hear from the Director of the Adult Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Cincinnati. This video is directed toward current nurses looking at going into the nurse practitioner field.
  20. Advanced Practice Nurses: Understand Advanced Practice Nursing careers, including Nurse Practitioners.

The field of nurse practitioner is a growing one and one that is very rewarding for those who already love nursing but want to expand their knowledge and their care into the advanced practice fields. Many schools are actively recruiting RNs who want to go into the nurse practitioner field because of the current need in the healthcare industry. This is a career that is expected to continue to grow over the next few years as we see universal health care coverage for Americans cause even more of a need for primary care clinicians.